Jokey & Funny

Who doesn't like a joke or fun? Fun is the state or process of taking pleasure or the action of possessing and benefiting from something particularly during the free time. Fun is an experience often informal, purposeless and unexpected.

Fun is an enjoyable distraction, turning your mind and body from any serious task and contributing an extra dimension by giving delight or pleasure to it. 

The psychological and physiological implications of fun experiencing  through recreation and play encountered during work, social functions and in daily life. 

However, the word fun is highly associated with entertaining media, high merriment, sports, sexual activity and amusement. You will likewise experience many funny videos below.

Jokey & Funny- A Strange Man's Funny Neck movements

OMG! Very Funny & Jokey Look of this Dude 

Jokey & Funny- Sexy Girl Skirty Blows Up, Uffii...!

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