Lord Tirupati Venkateswara- the Sacred Field for Hindus

Lord Tirupati Venkateswara- the Sacred Field for Hindus

                   Venkatadri Samasthanam
                   Bramhande Nastikinchana|
                   Venkatesha samude
                   na bhuto na bavishyathi ||
The above lines from the Purana’s are standing testimonial to the fact that there is no place on earth as secret as the Tirupati Venkatadri, the Hills of Tirumala and there is no lord as benevolent as Lord Venkateswara. Apart from the grandeur and antiquity of the magnificent temple of Tirupati, what makes it so special is the fact that the Lord Venkateswara himself resides here to save his devotees from the evil of ‘Kaliyuga’. 

Geography of Tirupati

Also known as Lord Tirupati Balaji, Tirupati Srinivasa, Tirupati Venkataramana and Tirupati Venkatesha, he is the ultimate savior who blesses his devotees with prosperity, happiness and salvation. Situated on the hills of Tirumala, in the chittur Dist. of Andra Pradesh; Tirupati, one of the most popular religious destination in the world. It is one of the richest temples that receive to be find donations and contributions from the devotees on a daily basis.

It is no wonder that Tirupati is called “Bhuloka Vaikunta” or “Heaven on Earth”, the one of the rare ‘Swayambu Kshetra’ of Lord Vishnu, presiding Deity himself manifested in the love of his devotees.  

Tirumala hills comprise seven peaks which represent the seven heads of ‘Adishesha’; therefore, in the name of ‘Sheshachalam’. The seven peaks are called Sheshadri, Garudadri, Narayanadri, Niladri, Rushabadri, Anjanadri and Venkatadri. Many pilgrims undertakes fully journey on foot. As we near the sanctum and Sanctorum of the Tirupati temple chants of Venkataramana, Govinda sanctifies the air and elevate our soul to a state of pure ecstasy that cannot be described in words.

Many devotees shave their heads and offer their head as a symbol of surrendering their ego and they request peace of mind rather than the physical world lives. Millions of devotees have experienced and documented about the twist in their fortunes after a visit to this holly shine. Now, let us learn about the origin of this temple and understand why Lord Venkateswara chose this place as a whole. 

The Legend Tirupati Balaji Story

Supreme of Trinity

Thousands of years ago, the Saptarushi wanted to perform a ‘Yagna’ for the welfare of all the people in the world. They requested the highly learned sage Brigu to identify who among the Trinity is most supreme! - Brahmha, Vishnu or Shiva; so that they could offer the merit of the Yagna to the most supreme one. Unhappy with the hospitality that he received from Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva; Brigu Maharaj went to ‘Vaikunta’ in search of the Lord Vishnu.

Stretch out on the Aadishesha, Lord Vishnu was in a deep state of Meditation or ‘Yoga Nidra’. Devi Lakshmi was serving him by pressing his feet. When Lord Vishnu failed to notice sage Brigu; Brigu Maharaj got angry and he kicked Maha Vishnu on his chest. Lord Vishnu woke up and held the sage’s feet. The all pervading Lord knew the purpose of his visit. Yet he asks the sage,

“Oh Brigu Maharaj, how can I serve you?”

Lord Vishnu presses the eye present under the foot of the sage. As a result, the sage calm down and realize his mistake. He invited Lord Vishnu to attend the Yagna on earth as a supreme of the trinity. Maha Vishnu willingly agrees. 

The wrath of Devi Mahalaxmi

However, Goddess Mahalaxmi was angered by the disrespectful behavior of the sage. “How did you allow the sage to kick your chest- the ‘Vakshastala’?  Isn’t  that where I reside? This is an insult to me… I shall leave Vaikuntam and perform penance in Karvil Nagari saying so Devi Mahalakshmi left for Kholapur.

After the Goddess left ‘Vaikunta’, it lost its luster and prosperity. Lord Vishnu couldn’t bear the separation from his beloved and went to the earth in search of his wife. For many days, he was wonder looking for her. He reaches the Seshadri Hills and performs deep penance in an anthill. 

Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma went to Goddess Mahalakshmi and informed her of Lord Vishnu’s plight. “Lord Sriman Narayana has given up food and has become very weak. Oh Deviplease help us”. The Devi’s heart melted. 

The plight of Vishnu

Lord Shiva and Brahma decided to take the form of a cow and calf to provide the nourishment to Lord Vishnu. Goddess Lakshmi disguised as a cowherdess and sold the cow and calf to the Chola King in the kingdom closer to the well where Lord Vishnu was meditating. 

The queen of the kingdom noticed that the cow and the calf look divine and advise the cowherd to take special care of them. Next day, the cow and the calf were taken with the other cows to the open fields and hills for grazing. The cow would secretly go to the anthill where Lord Maha Vishnu was performing penance and gave all the milk. Lord Vishnu drank the milk. This went on for a few days. 

The cowherd noticed that the cow didn’t give milk, unlike the other cows in the cow shed. To solve this mystery, he decided to follow the cow. Next day, he was very angry when he saw the cow gave all the milk to the anthill. He wanted to kill that with an ax. But Lord Vishnu emerged from the anthill and save the cow. The cowherd died, shocked when he saw this. 

The cow returned to the king screaming in fright. The king followed her to find the cause of the cow's strange behavior and reached the place where the cowherd dead. Lord Vishnu curses the king as a punishment at the behavior by his servant. However, the king pleaded in a sense and the Lord blessed him. Thereafter, Lord Srinivasa chose to reside in the ‘Varaha Kshetra’.

Tirupati Balaji Story

Lord Vishnu Resides in Tirupati

Lord Vishnu approached Varaha Swamy and said, “I would like to stay in the Varaha Kshetra and perform penance. In return of this, all my devotees who come for my Darshan will visit your temple first, offered prayers, 'Fruit and Dakshina' to you Varaha Swamy. Thereafter, they will visit me. This is how they will complete their pilgrimage”.

Varaha Swamy agreed and Lord Srinivasa moved here thoroughly. Lord Srinivasa was looking after by old lady Bakuladevi. She loved Srinivasa like her own son and fed him with Love. It is believed that Bakuladevi was none other than garnish of Yashodha, the mother of Sri Krishna. 

Vishnu and Padmavati Love

In a nearby kingdom, King Akasharajan had no child. One day, he found a beautiful baby girl sleeping on a golden lotus in a golden box in the fields. The king and the queen named her Padmavati and raised her as their daughter. As time passed, princess Padmavati, grew into a beautiful maiden. 

One day, when she was trolling with her friends in the palace garden and angry elephants started chasing them. They screamed in fright. Lord Srinivasa, who was nearby the forest rushed to their rescue. Their eyes met and Lord Srinivasa fell in love with the princess. 

He told Bakuladevi what had happened and expressed his desire to marry princess Padmavati. “I will go to the palace and speak about this marriage proposal, Srinivasa” said Bakuladevi. 

Smitten by the beauty of the princess Padmavati, Srinivasa disguised himself as a fortune teller and went to the palace. He summoned the princess and holding her hand, said “you will marry a handsome man who is none other Sriman Narayana himself”. The princess became embroiled in the thought of marrying Lord Vishnu.

Vishnu and Padmavati Grand Wedding

In the palace of Akasharaja, the king and queen happily agree to the marriage proposal of Lord Vishnu for their daughter. Bakuladevi returned to Srinivasa with the ‘Good News’. Soon the ministers, relatives and people in the kingdom started grand preparations for the wedding of princess Padmavati and Srinivasa. 

Lord Srinivasa seeks a hefty loan from Lord Kubera (the God of Wealth) for the wedding preparations. It is believed that all the money donated by the devotees even today is used by Lord Srinivasa to repay this loan to Kubera.

 All the Gods from Heaven were invited to the celestial wedding. On the day of the wedding, Lord Srinivasa dressed in finery and jewellary. In a grand ceremony, with elaborate arrangements he married the beautiful princess Padmavati. 

Even to this date, a ‘Kalyana Utsavam’ or ‘Marriage Ceremony’ is conducted to celebrate the divine wedding of Devi Padmavati and Lord Srinivasa. Many newlywed couples visit the shine to seek the blessings and pray for a blissful life like Lord Srinivasa and his consort Padmavati. 

Tirupati Balaji Temple

Lord Srinivasa, Mahalakshmi and Padmavati at Tirupati

The Goddess Padmavati is also called ‘Almelunga’ and her worshiped at a temple in Tiruchanur. People offer kunkum, vermilion and Lotus seeking her blessings. 

She is believed to be an Avatar of Devi Mahalakshmi. Padmavati and Devi Mahalakshmi are called ‘Bhudevi’ and ‘Sridevi’ and are depicted as living in the heart of the Lord Srinivasa. 

The magnificent form of the lord of Tirupati is adorned with the big Naamam made of camphor on the forehead. The holy shape and conch adorned his shoulders and his hands are in a state of blessings and giving. Decorated with the best of flowers and Diamonds, It feels like we must have been watching his form forever.

Lord Venkateswara is a ‘Pratyaksha Daivam’ who saves his devotees from all calamities; blesses them with abundance good health and spiritual enlightenment. 

To this day, people share experiences of many miracles of Tirupati Tirumala Balaji in their lives. May you receive abundant serenity and blessings from Devi Mahalakshmi, Lord Venkateswara and Devi Padmavati.

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