Refined Oil Side Effects & its Alternatives

The Best Cooking Oil for Your Health

The Refined Oil Side Effects

Oil is an integral part of Indian cooking. But which cooking oil do you use? Are you using Sunflower Oil, Groundnut Oil or Olive Oil? If yes, then keep reading this content as today we are going to share with you the Refined Oil Side Effects and about healthy cooking oil as an alternative.

We use cooking oil every day, be it for frying, stir-frying, sauteing, or even in salads. On the shelves of our stores, there are endless choices of cooking oil right from butter, margarine, refined oil, or extra-virgin oil and so on.

You can decide by watching the video next to, how your Refined Oil is adversely affecting your health. It is great concerns for your health, so you need to watch it right now. Use the download button below to have the complete summary.


India before the Refined Oils 

Cooking oil is something which we Indians use daily. So it is most important to use healthy cooking oils. However, if you are not using the right oil for cooking then it can become the reason for gaining weight, heart blockage, diabetes and even cancer. If you would ask me what is that one thing which can take a health to the next level without making any effort; we will say change the oil you cook your food in.

However, it is actually a difficult time to find the best cooking oil for your health. Sometimes we do not put adequate thought into selecting the right kind of oil, or reading the label to see how pure the oil is. We should never forget that the cooking oil is one of the many things that determine our health.

The refined oil has been used just for four or five decades in India. If you look at the statistics on Refined Oil Side Effects of Ministry of Health, Government of India, which states the people suffered or death from a serious illness like heart attack before the use of refined oil in India, it was not more than the 4 or 5 percent at that time.

What are the Refined Oil Side Effects in India?

The nature has fulfilled the balanced components in our cooking oil. It contains essential two rare fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 which are instating exactly in the right proportion. In addition, it is a source of antioxidant, minerals, beta carotene, chlorophyll, which has various positive roles while you used to eat. It does what you need for your good health in your body. 

After the production of refined oil in India, the number of heart attack patients started increasing. Today, within the five decades; India has become the capital of the heart attack patients in the world. One of the main root causes of it is nothing but the refined oil.

Refined Oil and its Side Effects

Unfortunately, over ninety percent of the people today are using refined oil for cooking. Almost every sunflower, rice bran, ground nut, Soya Bean found in the Indian market is refined oil. 

But what is wrong with refined oils? Well, the word refined may seem very sophisticated but in medical terms refined oil is referred to as spoiled oil. 

Yes, refining oil is a multi-stage process. First of all, the oil is extracted at a very high temperature of over 200 degrees Celsius using chemical solvents and even exam in this process. All the vitamins and minerals of the oil are destroyed. The healthy fatty acid bonds are broken and trans fats are formed. 

No matter what oil it is; once it goes through this refining process it loses all its natural properties. Its healthy fats turn into Trans fats. Basically the oil gets spoiled. 

Another phase of processing of the Refined Oil

The process doesn't stop here. The oil extracted is again heated at very high temperature to neutralize the taste and remove the deodour

Finally preservatives like TBHQ and empty foaming agents like Dimethyl Siloxane are added. So what is left behind is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and nutrition less liquid which is packed and sold as refined oil. 

The majority of people today are using this boiled oil three to four times daily. This can lead to very serious health problems in the long run. If you have refined oil in your kitchen just throw that out of the rectum. 

Nowadays, in any other people who are bit health-conscious switch to olive oil. Of course, it is due to the intensive marketing by the European Union that you can find olive oils all over the Indian supermarket these days. 

Olive Oil

But is Olive Oil is healthy? Yes... Olive Oil is among the healthiest of oils. No doubt. But living in India we wouldn’t recommend it to you for three basic reasons. 

Firstly, Olive Oil is very costly. You need to spend more than a thousand rupees per liter of Olive oil. Using it for daily cooking will just rip your pockets apart.

Secondly, with the growing popularity of Olive Oil, it is more prone to adulteration. Some tests have revealed that sixty to ninety percent Olive Oil imported is adulterated.

Thirdly, and the most important is that only more it does not go well with the Indian style of cooking. Imagine, making ‘Paratha’ in Olive Oil….?!

Olive Oil is great when making something like pasta, salads or any other Spanish and Mediterranean dishes. But for Indian cooking, a big No!

Cold-Pressed Oil

So we have seen by refined oils are so bad for health. Even we have not recommended you Olive Oil for Indian cooking. So are there any oils in the Indian market which provide us with the healthiest of fatty acids. Enhance the flavors of our dishes and not even deeper pockets.

Yes! cold-pressed or filtered versions of Sesame Oil, Mustard Oil, Ground Nut Oil and Coconut Oil are the healthiest oils for you. Not only fine but cold-pressed or Woodcrest or as we call in India the ‘Kachchi Ghaani’ versions of these oils is best suited for Indian cooking. 

Cold pressing is an ancient method in which no heat is involved in the extraction of oils. This not only retains the vitamins and minerals of the oils but also its aroma and flavor. They require the usage of best quality seed and hence high quality oil is assured. All these oils have a high smoking point making them ideal for shallow as well as deep frying.

Coconut Oil

A few years ago, there was a huge marketing campaign run against coconut oil by these refined oil companies as it is high in saturated fat. Although it turned out to be a hoax as the research suggested that coconut oil contains a special type of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) which actually increase the good cholesterol. Today there are over 1500 studies proving coconut oil to be among the healthiest foods on the planet.

Mustard Oil 

Even mustard oil has been targeted in the past because it contains 47% Erucic acid. It has even been banned for edible use in countries like USA, Canada and Europe. The basis of this ban is a study which was conducted on laboratory rats. These rats were fitted with mustard oil in very high quantities which caused heart problems in them. However, no harmful effects on humans have been proved building. 

Mustard oil has been used as a staple in countries like India, Bangladesh, China, and Korea for centuries. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by the doctors of All India Institute of Medical Sciences who compared different oils including olive oil found mustard oil to be the clear winner as it contains an ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. 

Mustard oil is extremely important for reducing heart complications. Kachchi Ghaani mustard oil is very easily available in all grocery shops and do you know what the best part it is, so affordable living in India. You can use any of these four oils.

Cooking Oil Campaign and Usages

Actually, we were using these oils before but due to these marketing campaigns with digital traditional oils and switched to refined oils. So, you can understand how manipulative or marketing campaigns have also been conducted in India. The oil you use in your kitchen was largely dependent on what region you come from.

In Kerala, coconut oil is staple. The sesame oil, places like Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. In the Northern and Eastern India mustard oil and in Central India and Gujarat ground nut oil is mostly used. If you closely observe, not only these oils balancing with the climate of the region, but also enhance the flavors of the local ingredients and recipes. 


This article would have been incomplete without talking about the ‘Golden Butter’ oil called ‘Ghee’. With highest smoking point among all oils Ghee is the best for all types of cooking even be frank. Did you know that no oil should be reused except Ghee is the only one which enjoys this status?

If you thought that Ghee makes you fat; it can be said that it is not absolutely right. If you eat Ghee as required on a daily basis, your weight will not increase. But when you cross its limits, your weight may increase.

Today ghee is sold in the United States as premium cooking oil with the name ‘Clarified Butter’. The only downside of ghee is that it might not be an affordable option for daily cooking. But if you can afford it nothing like it and when we say Ghee we mean, this ‘Desi Cow’.

Conclusion on the Refined Oil Side Effects 

To summarize, refined oils are the worst oils for cooking. In our opinion, it should be banned. Olive Oil is healthy but costly and not really suitable for Indian cooking. The cold-pressed versions of mustard, sesame, coconut and ground nut oils are the best suitable for Indian cooking. Ghee is a bit expensive but ideal for all types of cooking.

When you look at Refined Oil Side Effects, you realize that a question arises here. i.e., why should your hard-earned money be spent in buying such poison and worsen your health? 

We have come up with a variety of cooking oils from the natural-growing oil seeds. This cooking oil has shaped our eating habits, traditions and health from the scratch. But many people have no idea how brand Refined oils are acting as a slow poison in their body these days. Here's a video demonstrating how it is, and summarized here as well.

Food adulteration has become as a common practice in these days. So you need to be very careful before buying any food products. There are different types of media out there that can be used to realize such things when you suspect. Whenever you notice, it will be your social responsibility to make awareness the general public.

A few days ago, our government has also launched "Fit India" campaign to raise health awareness in the country. Although, the government could launch such type of more programs but it has to be embodied by the people of the country. 

Finally, why you and your children should eat that poison and ruin your health and life. So start using cold pressed oil since it is the easiest step you can take towards the healthy lifestyle! 

You can get more information relating to the matter of Refined Oil Side Effects on downloading the video.

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